Packing List

___  Any prescription medications your dog takes as well as veterinary records for chronic conditions in case of emergency treatment

___  Immunization Records

___  Food Bowl

___  Water Bowl

___  clip-on water bowl for hikes

___  dog backpack for hikes

___  Food, portioned out for trip duration

___  Bottled water

___  Blanket

___  Bed

___  Crate if your dog needs one

___  Harness or restraint system for vehicle

___  Chew Toys

___  Ball or other favorite toys

___  Training Treats

___  ID on collar with Cell phone number and e-mail address

___  Leash

___  Extra Collar, ID and leash

___  Poop bags

___  Dog life vest if you’re headed to the beach or lake

___  A photograph of your dog in case he is lost. (Even better: create a lost dog sign with your cell phone and upload it to a gmail account you can access on the road.)

___  Your dog’s microchip number

___  Your veterinarian’s phone number

___  A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) or health certificate if crossing state lines

___  Address and phone number of veterinary clinics at your destination and along your route

___  Address and phone number of a kennel at your destination

___  Shampoo

___  2 or 3 old towels for cleanup

___  Sheets for covering hotel beds

___  Wipes for cleaning your dog’s muddy paws

___  With your Vet’s approval:  Antihistamine for allergies, motion sickness medicine, anti-diarrhea medicine

___  Flashlight

___  Plastic bags, disinfectant, trash bags, carpet cleaning solution, paper towels

___  First aid kit:

___  Gauze sponges and first aid adhesive tape

___  Stretch gauze bandage

___  Vetrap self-adherent bandage

___  Triple antibiotic ointment

___  Saline eye wash

___  Betadine or iodine wash for cleaning wounds

___  Benadryl for allergic reactions. Check with your vet before leaving for the dose rate for your dog.

___  Pepto Bismol tablets for gastrointestinal upsets. Check with you vet before leaving for the dose rate for your dog.

___  A muzzle – even the most loving dog can behave unpredictably when hurt

___  Tweezers

___  Scissors

___  1% Hydrocortisone cream

___  Disposable rubber gloves

___  Blanket