New Travel Products at #GlobalPetExpo


The past three days, we’ve been busy exploring all that’s new at Global Pet Expo, the country’s largest trade show for the pet industry. With over 3,000 new product launches alone, the event was massive (spanning the space of 14 football fields!) Our focus this year was on dog travel products as we prepare for our new Dog Travel Experts radio show next month!

We looked at all kinds of products, from camping gear to carriers…


…and crate mats… paris-cratemat

I was especially excited to meet Gayle Martz, founder of Sherpa and author of No Pet Left Behind: The Sherpa Guide for Traveling with Your Best Friend. I had ordered her book and read it on the plane on the flight to Orlando, not knowing that she would be at the Expo!


In the coming weeks, we’re looking forward to bringing you information on many of the great travel products that we discovered!