Wordless Wednesday: La Villita


As we mentioned in yesterday’s post, this past weekend we headed to San Antonio both for the Amazing Pet Expo and to take photos for our upcoming DogTipper.com’s Texas with Dogs guidebook. For as much as our dogs love trips filled with lakes and parks, we know they don’t like big city life so we called on a professional model for this shoot: Preston from PrestonSpeaks.com! We had a great time in the Alamo City and came home with some super photos for our book!


  1. Flea says:

    Preston is such a beauty!

  2. Looking good Preston! You guys are a great pet-friendly resource. I’m looking forward to the Amazing Pet Expo coming to Virginia!

  3. Bailey says:

    Great shot. I love pet friendly resources. It can be hard to travel without them.

  4. Preston is a great model!!

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