Welcome to Dog Travel Experts! We’re Paris Permenter and John Bigley, a husband-wife team of travel professionals and dog parents. Through the years, we’ve authored over 30 travel guidebooks and traveled on assignment to destinations around the world, from Bermuda to Borneo, Morocco to Malaysia. Some of our favorite destinations, though, have been the places we’ve enjoyed with our dogs. Our first book–and one that continues to be our best-seller–features day trips around our own hometown: Austin, Texas.

Here on Dog Travel Experts, we’ll be covering all things related to dog travel, whether that means a ride in the car to your local dog park, a day trip with your pooches, an overnight getaway, or a full vacation. We’ll travel to the best dog festivals and special events especially for dog lovers.

We know that not all dog travel is of the vacation variety, though, so we’ll be including what you need to know to move with your dog, to evacuate in an emergency with your dog, and, not as drastic (although maybe that depends on your relatives) how to host family members and their dogs in your home or how to be a good canine guest yourself.

And we also know that, as much as you love to travel with your dogs, sometimes that’s just not possible or practical. We’ll also look at travel for dog lovers, from tips on selecting the best pet sitter to hotel dogs that welcome guests and make you feel a bit less homesick. We’ll also discuss how you can help dogs in the destinations where you travel, whether that means packing supplies to developing countries or following up after you return home.

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